Arbitration Practice – Motion Response and Promissory Note Proceedings

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Motion Practice – Five Day Reply Period for Responses in Arbitration – Regulatory Notice 11-23

Effective June 6, 2011, a moving party will have five days to reply to a response to a motion.  FINRA amended Rules 12206 and 13206 (Time Limits), Rules 12503 and 13503 (Motions), and Rules 12504 and 13504 (Motions to Dismiss) to provide the moving party with a five-day period to reply to a response to a motion.

Promissory Note Proceedings – Regulatory Notice 11-22

Effective June 6, 2011, FINRA will appoint chair-qualified public arbitrators to panels resolving promissory disputes for disputes arising from claims that an associated person failed to pay money owed on a promissory note.  No longer will the chair-qualified public arbitrators be required to be also qualified to resolve statutory discrimination claims. Per Rule 12400(c), chair-qualified arbitrators have completed chair training and are attorneys who have served through award on at least two cases, or, if not attorneys, are arbitrators who have served through award on at least three cases.

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